Pelago Bicycles

Good bikes for a better life. Pelago strives to produce beautiful and function-orientated bicycles for commuting, leisure, and adventure. In 2016, four riders took part in the Japanese Odyssey on a Pelago's flagship allroad model, the Sibbo, proving the roadworthy credentials of this bike.

Champion System

Champion System produces high-quality custom clothing. In 2016, they provided the Japanese Odyssey's riders fully-custom jersey and bib shorts. Some of us rode the kit for the whole journey - more than 12 hours a day, everyday for fourteen days ; we can vouch for their comfort and performance.

Far Ride Magazine

Documenting cycling journeys around the world. With its beautiful cycling stories and outstanding photography, Far Ride Magazine will give you the urge to go out and create your own cycling journey.

Papersky Magazine

Papersky Magazine celebrates travel, big or small, and the lifestyle coming with it. The magazine is filled with stories and photos that make you want to evade the daily routine. An online-shop offers a selection of distinctively japanese, carefully curated travel items.

How about a partnership

Organising and directing a successful bicycle adventure event involves a lot of hard work. If you are interested by getting on board, or would like more information about sponsoring the Japanese Odyssey, feel free contact us at: