The route

For this third edition of the Japanese Odyssey, we want to take the riders to less known areas. There will be nine mandatory segments consisting of remote, beautiful, and often challenging routes.
The rest is up to each rider.

Segment 1 – Mount Nantai

The first segment starts from the shores of lake Chuzenji, at the foot of Mt. Nantai. And then… Expect some climbing.

Segment 2 – Fudai to Morioka

This second segment starts off in Fudai, the northernmost point of this edition. Entrants will ride a 110 km segment on small, good and hilly roads, leaving the lowlands behind them.

Segment 3 – Tsurukoa to Murakami

You will head, across the Prefecture of Yamagata, for the west side of Honshu. The Sea of Japan is within reach. Vegetation becomes denser, and roads less « rolling ».

Segment 4 – Mount Nyukasa

The segment starts from the observatory near the peak of the Mount Nyukasa. 127 kilometers, 3 climbs, and winding one-lane mountain byroads await the entrants.
Be prepared for magnificent views.

Segment 5 – Mount Odaigaharasan

Turn off the road 226 and you will be riding alone on an used tarmac road, on the border between the Prefectures of Nara and Mie.

Segment 6 – Kumano Kodo

Narrow, stone bordered trails, in dense forests. Kumano Kodo is an ancient pilgrimage route connecting three sacred sites. You may have to walk…and push the bike. Only for 3 or 4 kilometers.

Be prepared for beauty and spirituality.

Segment 7 – Shikoku – Kamikatsu

You are now on Shikoku, the smallest and least populous of Japan main islands.
This segment start in the village of Kamikatsu.
It is the beast.
In terms of mileage. In terms of elevation gain.
Oh, and there are also some gravel sections as well.

Segment 8 – Tosa & Agawa Districts

Rivers, gorges, climbs, the inimitable landscape of central Shikoku.
Expect backroad bliss, while you’re heading for the coast and the next ferry.

Segment 9 – Saito to Shiba

It is the last segment before flying towards the North of Kyūshū Island and the finish line.
But…it must be earned. Be prepared for a series of epic climbs.